Sunday, April 29, 2007

Recently overheard at my house

Sister: "Momma, remember when Brother was a baby and he ate milk from your breath?"
Me: "Yes, honey. When Brother was a baby, he drank milk from my breast."


Sister, to me while I'm getting dressed: "Momma, what color broth do you think you'll wear today?"
Me: "Looks like a white bra kind of day, sweetie."

The girl loves her -th sounds.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Overprotective Parent, that's me

I think that when we become parents, we get this sensor from God that allows us to sense when something just isn't quite right regarding our kids. We get that feeling if some skeevy stranger approaches and shows too much interest. We get that feeling if another kid seems to be treating our kid poorly. That feeling shows up sometimes when we least expect it and just won't go away until we make sure our little ones are safe. I think when God gave me this sensor, he turned it way into overdrive. I tend to be constantly wary of those around my kids and how they interact with them. Especially other adults. Now, let me first say that I don't always act on this because I really do understand that I can't isolate my kids since I'm way too overprotective but there are times that you just know that you know something isn't right. Maybe I watch too much news, maybe I'm just being a mommy who wants her kids to get through life without some of the horrible things of this world scathing them along the way. Whatever the case, my radar has been glaring a little more lately.

A couple of weeks ago, we were at a local mall having a family fun day. There's a cool play area in this mall and since the weather had been less than pleasant that week, it was our chance to get out and play! And eat chocolate from Godiva! While there, we humored Sister and went down to the Hello Kitty store (Sanrio, for those of you without an obsessed three year old). While in there marveling at the wonders of a cute cat with a huge head, two young women approached us. They weren't working there, they were just shopping. They seemed very interested in our kids and they kept asking if they could take pictures of them. I mostly ignored them because no, you can't take pictures of my kids you strangers and because I'm just like that. They followed us and really freaked the kids out after a moment. My husband, Lord love him, was all like, "Let the nice ladies take your picture! C'mon guys you don't have to be shy!" They are both a little on the shy side with strangers and were hiding behind my legs at this point. I just politely told the women after a few minutes that they weren't interested in talking or having their pictures taken. They finally moved on to someone else in the store and took their kids pictures. Afterwards, I kicked husband in the shin shot him the look that said I wasn't ok with what just went down. He told me this whole story about how his cousin did some modeling in Japan years ago and ran into that type thing all the time because he was young with blonde hair and blue eyes and that the entire culture there was just fascinated with Americans like that. Whatever dude. I just want to protect my little blonde, blue eyed kids from any stranger trying to take their picture and do whatever they please with it. Did I over-react here?

THEN. Last night we were at the Air Show at our AF Base. There's a good size kids section with all of the blow up jumpers and obstacle course things and such. Our kids went over and jumped and then Sister wants to go inside the obstacle course jumper thing. I could see that there were mostly kids her age in there and Daddy decided he'd go in with Brother because he was scared. There was a section of this thing that wasn't readily viewable from the parent's waiting area but since Daddy was going in, I let her go. She paid her ticket and took off. Daddy goes in with Brother next and about half way in decides he has to give in to the screams and scratches of Brother and come back out. He didn't love it and was terrified by the time they came out. So, now Sister is in there alone. No big deal, she comes out within a minute of when Daddy came out. After we left the kids area and were heading down the runway towards snacks, she says, "There was a man inside of that obstacle course. He told me which was was the right way to go." Husband and I shoot each other "the look".

"What do you mean, a man? Like a Daddy with his kid?"
"No, just a man, standing in there. He was big like a Daddy."
"Really? Did he touch you to help you climb over anything or he just told you the right way to go?"
"Well, I was like, wow, which way do you go? And he was like, I think it's that way."

Ooookay. I dropped it. Still getting the look from Husband though. Ten minutes later, she brings it up again. Pretty much the same conversation as before. Just making sure we know that there was a big man in there that told her the right way to go. We tried not to make a big deal out of it but on the inside I'm gut kicking myself for letting her stay in there when her Daddy came out with Brother. I was right there, but anything could have happened in that 4 foot space that I couldn't see from the Parenting Post. Why was a man in there? Maybe it was innocent. Maybe he was a Dad who didn't let his kid go in alone. Maybe not. I don't know but I'll tell you what, I learned my lesson and my kid won't go in alone next time. I'm still reeling from this reality today that we live in a world where kids aren't safe without someone looking out for them. And, even then, there are no guarantees.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Love Thursday ya'll

We've had a rough few days at the Little People House. Our sweet Princess has decided that every single time we look her way, she will crumple onto the floor and proceed to melt. This doesn't happy quietly and it's not over quickly.

Even this morning, she comes out of her room and has two outfits to choose from for today. She holds them up and says to her Big Daddy, "Should I wear this flip flop dress today or this white shirt with jeans?"
Well, well, well. She actually gives us another option to the illustrious flip flop dress. This dress is never safely in the closet because it barely makes it out of the dryer before she has it on again. Drives me batty. Anyway, Daddy looks from one outfit to the next and then tells her that he thinks the white shirt with jeans would look beautiful for today since it's likely going to be cool out. Without a word, she falls to the floor. WAILING. I walk out of our room and find her there, crumpled and moaning. Big Daddy standing in the bathroom doorway, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, looking defeated and confused. This is the way it's been, you see. We never know what will be her trigger these days. I think I skipped the chapter in the Mommy Manual that tells you that the teenage angst begins in little girls around age three. Nope, not prepared for that.

Fast forward to this afternoon. It's nap time and there's another meltdown of epic proportions going on upstairs. I head up the steps to see what the matter is, ready for a fight since that's the custom these days. I'm telling ya'll, when I was walking up the stairs, I already had my mean mommy speech prepared. You know the one. The "You will stop this right now because I'm the mom and as long as you live in my house you will not throw these fits and this is not how we express our feelings because we are humans and not apes" speech. I opened that door and there she was, looking as sad as anything I've ever seen. At that moment, my heart melted in my chest. I knew that she was just over-tired. I knew she had had a big day of running around and meeting new people. I knew. And, I understood.

There are times when I feel the same way. I want to scream and kick and there doesn't need to be a good reason. I walked over to her bed and scooped her up and held her on my lap. She laid her little head on my chest and could barely hold her eyes open from exhaustion. I just hugged her. With her eyes closed, she says, "Will you say my prayers again?" Indeed I will, my little Princess. With her prayers finished, she laid back down and told me that she loved me....all without opening her eyes. No fight. Just a little girl who needed her mommy to hug her and pray for her. Just a mommy who needed to hug her little girl and remember that I don't express my bad days much differently than a three year old. And, it's on those days that we just need a little extra love. Happy Love Thursday, ya'll. Give a little extra love today to those babies.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Car Snacks and Games

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Brother and I take Sister to pre-school. We drop her at 9:30 and then we have a couple of hours to hang together before we are back in carpool line at 12:00ish for her 12:30 release. I'm a little competitive so I like to be near the front of the line. Plus, Sister tells me how much she loves it when her carpool number is among the first called. This presents a little problem for Brother because he's not that fond of sitting in the car seat for half an hour waiting for the Sister who will later beat him and up and steal his toys to show her appreciation.

In the beginning of the school year, I always stopped for Chick-Fil-A or other fast food along the way and we would eat in the car while we waited. Then came my extra eerrrm, several pounds that needed to shed. Since joining Weight Watchers, I now pack our own lunch. In snack size bags, I pack turkey, cheese, goldfish, grapes, apple slices, etc. for our lunch "picnic". I have my own water bottle and he has his sippy. I also bring along books from the library and a mini magnadoodle to keep him occupied. These moments we have together just to sit and pretend like we are on a picnic are among my favorites. And, we're eating healthier foods. AND, by the time we get home, everyone has already eaten and we can get straight to my other favorite part of the day....NAP!

Have a tip you'd like to share? Head over to Shannon's place and let us know!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Memory of an Elephant

Around lunch time today, my son wanted chocolate milk. I told him that after his nap, he could have chocolate milk as his snack. He was fine with that and didn't really mention it again.

Fast forward 4 HOURS. He's waking up and calling me up to get him. Well, technically, he was calling for "Daaaaaaaadddddddddyyyy" but I know he meant me since I'm his favorite parent. You know, the one who spends every second of my day making sure his needs are met. The one who gets him up from nap. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, memory. Not mine, clearly.

Anyway, "Daaaaddddddyyyy". I get up to get him and he's sitting there, sheet prints still on his cute little face.

"Now Mama?"
"Now what, Bud?"
"Now I have chocolate milk?"

Ya'll. It was 4 hours later. He had just gotten up from a three hour nap. The foremost thought on his little mind what that chocolate milk. How cute is that?

Yes, he got his chocolate milk. And, a face full of kisses from his favorite :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Day, Another Dental Procedure

I am notorious for going to the dentist for a cleaning and being told to come back several more times for work in between my cleanings. You say it's weak teeth, I say it's because I'm so cool that dentists just want to hang with me more often. Actually, I had horrible dental care growing up and that combined with deep grooves in my molars have made for fun times at the ol' dentist as an adult who is very anal about taking care of her teeth. (Gross, I just said anal and teeth in the same sentence. Clearly my potty humor knows no bounds.)

A month ago, I had my regularly scheduled cleaning and then a week later I had to return to have a leaking filling replaced. Since new dentist is a Hot Dentist, I listened intently when he said that I needed to have a wisdom tooth removed. Several dentists in the past have told me this and gladly referred me to an oral surgeon for the procedure. They weren't all that attractive and the prospect of seeing someone for "oral surgery" didn't appeal to me so I ignored their advice. Enter Hot Dentist. New city, new provider. He says he can do it in a matter of minutes and no surgery required.

Today was the big day and I was all worked up about going in. Hot Dentist's hotness can only soothe a girl so much when there's tooth pulling involved. Get there and get all numbed up. He comes in and the thing is out within seconds. Literally. So, now I'm on a soft food diet for a couple of days and don't get to visit the dentist again until September. This may just be the first time that I have no pending dental work hanging over me since I've been married. Did you just hear my sigh of relief?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Am I really running?

No, not literally. I'm Heather and this is my blog. My place to write. My place to rant. My place to laugh and be laughed at....I mean, with. So, welcome to my place. Grab yourself a cup of coffee. And, while you're up...can you grab me one too?

My two little people keep me busy. I've got one princess and one little guy and they are more fun than I can tell you. I have one sweet husband, who lights up my day with his smile. Anything else about me you'll just have to learn along the way. As long as you always bring me coffee. Oh yeah, and chocolate.