Another Day, Another Dental Procedure

I am notorious for going to the dentist for a cleaning and being told to come back several more times for work in between my cleanings. You say it's weak teeth, I say it's because I'm so cool that dentists just want to hang with me more often. Actually, I had horrible dental care growing up and that combined with deep grooves in my molars have made for fun times at the ol' dentist as an adult who is very anal about taking care of her teeth. (Gross, I just said anal and teeth in the same sentence. Clearly my potty humor knows no bounds.)

A month ago, I had my regularly scheduled cleaning and then a week later I had to return to have a leaking filling replaced. Since new dentist is a Hot Dentist, I listened intently when he said that I needed to have a wisdom tooth removed. Several dentists in the past have told me this and gladly referred me to an oral surgeon for the procedure. They weren't all that attractive and the prospect of seeing someone for "oral surgery" didn't appeal to me so I ignored their advice. Enter Hot Dentist. New city, new provider. He says he can do it in a matter of minutes and no surgery required.

Today was the big day and I was all worked up about going in. Hot Dentist's hotness can only soothe a girl so much when there's tooth pulling involved. Get there and get all numbed up. He comes in and the thing is out within seconds. Literally. So, now I'm on a soft food diet for a couple of days and don't get to visit the dentist again until September. This may just be the first time that I have no pending dental work hanging over me since I've been married. Did you just hear my sigh of relief?