Happy Love Thursday ya'll

We've had a rough few days at the Little People House. Our sweet Princess has decided that every single time we look her way, she will crumple onto the floor and proceed to melt. This doesn't happy quietly and it's not over quickly.

Even this morning, she comes out of her room and has two outfits to choose from for today. She holds them up and says to her Big Daddy, "Should I wear this flip flop dress today or this white shirt with jeans?"
Well, well, well. She actually gives us another option to the illustrious flip flop dress. This dress is never safely in the closet because it barely makes it out of the dryer before she has it on again. Drives me batty. Anyway, Daddy looks from one outfit to the next and then tells her that he thinks the white shirt with jeans would look beautiful for today since it's likely going to be cool out. Without a word, she falls to the floor. WAILING. I walk out of our room and find her there, crumpled and moaning. Big Daddy standing in the bathroom doorway, toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, looking defeated and confused. This is the way it's been, you see. We never know what will be her trigger these days. I think I skipped the chapter in the Mommy Manual that tells you that the teenage angst begins in little girls around age three. Nope, not prepared for that.

Fast forward to this afternoon. It's nap time and there's another meltdown of epic proportions going on upstairs. I head up the steps to see what the matter is, ready for a fight since that's the custom these days. I'm telling ya'll, when I was walking up the stairs, I already had my mean mommy speech prepared. You know the one. The "You will stop this right now because I'm the mom and as long as you live in my house you will not throw these fits and this is not how we express our feelings because we are humans and not apes" speech. I opened that door and there she was, looking as sad as anything I've ever seen. At that moment, my heart melted in my chest. I knew that she was just over-tired. I knew she had had a big day of running around and meeting new people. I knew. And, I understood.

There are times when I feel the same way. I want to scream and kick and there doesn't need to be a good reason. I walked over to her bed and scooped her up and held her on my lap. She laid her little head on my chest and could barely hold her eyes open from exhaustion. I just hugged her. With her eyes closed, she says, "Will you say my prayers again?" Indeed I will, my little Princess. With her prayers finished, she laid back down and told me that she loved me....all without opening her eyes. No fight. Just a little girl who needed her mommy to hug her and pray for her. Just a mommy who needed to hug her little girl and remember that I don't express my bad days much differently than a three year old. And, it's on those days that we just need a little extra love. Happy Love Thursday, ya'll. Give a little extra love today to those babies.