Memory of an Elephant

Around lunch time today, my son wanted chocolate milk. I told him that after his nap, he could have chocolate milk as his snack. He was fine with that and didn't really mention it again.

Fast forward 4 HOURS. He's waking up and calling me up to get him. Well, technically, he was calling for "Daaaaaaaadddddddddyyyy" but I know he meant me since I'm his favorite parent. You know, the one who spends every second of my day making sure his needs are met. The one who gets him up from nap. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, memory. Not mine, clearly.

Anyway, "Daaaaddddddyyyy". I get up to get him and he's sitting there, sheet prints still on his cute little face.

"Now Mama?"
"Now what, Bud?"
"Now I have chocolate milk?"

Ya'll. It was 4 hours later. He had just gotten up from a three hour nap. The foremost thought on his little mind what that chocolate milk. How cute is that?

Yes, he got his chocolate milk. And, a face full of kisses from his favorite :)