Works for Me Wednesday: Car Snacks and Games

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Brother and I take Sister to pre-school. We drop her at 9:30 and then we have a couple of hours to hang together before we are back in carpool line at 12:00ish for her 12:30 release. I'm a little competitive so I like to be near the front of the line. Plus, Sister tells me how much she loves it when her carpool number is among the first called. This presents a little problem for Brother because he's not that fond of sitting in the car seat for half an hour waiting for the Sister who will later beat him and up and steal his toys to show her appreciation.

In the beginning of the school year, I always stopped for Chick-Fil-A or other fast food along the way and we would eat in the car while we waited. Then came my extra eerrrm, several pounds that needed to shed. Since joining Weight Watchers, I now pack our own lunch. In snack size bags, I pack turkey, cheese, goldfish, grapes, apple slices, etc. for our lunch "picnic". I have my own water bottle and he has his sippy. I also bring along books from the library and a mini magnadoodle to keep him occupied. These moments we have together just to sit and pretend like we are on a picnic are among my favorites. And, we're eating healthier foods. AND, by the time we get home, everyone has already eaten and we can get straight to my other favorite part of the day....NAP!

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