Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Doggone Right

For the longest time, I've been wanting a dog. Not wanting as in willing to actually go out and get one. Wanting as in going to the SPCA and looking longingly at all of the cute dogs there. At least once a week, I drag one or more of my sweet family members there to gaze with me. So far, no dog has really seemed like "the one" for me. So, we leave and I'm a little sad that we don't have a dog. But also, a little glad. Don't tell my husband that. A tiny part of me just isn't sure that we're ready for this step. We have two kids and we have no immediate family in our area. So, when we travel, we'd have to kennel or have a friend watch the doggie. Then, there's the poop. Scooping the poop is not my favorite job. Luckily, Big Daddy doesn't mind doing it...much. But, later this year, Big Daddy will be deployed for a while. I'll be the Poop Scooper Supreme. I'm ok with that, I think. I think.
When Big Daddy is away, I think it will be nice to have dog to keep me company when the kiddies are in bed. They love dogs. I love dogs. Big Daddy loves dogs.
Yesterday at my weekly trip to the SPCA, there was a puppy. A beautiful puppy. He is so sweet and calm. He's beautiful. Did I mention that he's sweet....and beautiful? He's available on Monday for adoption. My name is now first on the list. Which means that if I'm there when the doors open or within 5 minutes thereof, that Doggie is my Doggie. We have to decide if we are ready for this. Are we ready for this? He's beautiful (did I mention that?) and if we don't adopt him, number 2 on the list will. He will have a home the day he becomes available, whether it's ours or not. My friends all say that this is sweet and oh how nice that you have this opportunity. But, no one is giving me their honest opinion about getting a dog. I realize this is our decision but I'm so torn! Will I have my hands full already with two kids or will throwing a dog into the mix really matter? He's already around 4 months old so he's not a brand new pup. Oh boy. Help?


  1. I LOVE having a dog. Just not my dog. I really want to get rid of him and start over with a puppy. Thor was already over a year when we got him so he was set in his ways already :( I just can't bring myself to do it. If we had a friend or family to take him I would get a puppy in a heartbeat. I say do it. It'll be frustrating in the beginning I'm sure with PT'ing but that only last so long. Oh wait. Theres chewing. hmmm...maybe I just talked myself out of wanting a puppy ;) Now I remember why I didn't want a puppy. But look at the mess I'm in. Damned if you do damned if you don't ;) good luck making a decision.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment.

    We got our dog, Daisy, a soft coated wheaten just a month ago. She's just turned one. What a cutie pie and what a sweetie. I've written several post about her on my blog.

    Getting a dog is a big decision, but oh what joy they bring!

    I'll check back soon to see what your decision was.

    Good luck!


  3. seriously, after last night, u be there before they open. My kids love our dog like nothing else in this world. Sure he steals food from them, but he makes them laugh like noone else can!