Works for Me Wednesday:Birthday Edition

Birthdays are a HUGE DEAL at the Little People House. I personally love when people get all fussy about my birthday and so I try to do the same for others. In fact, my kids have been known to think that your birthday actually lasts for a whole week....yes, I may go a little crazy.
Having said that, my tip has more to do with the aftermath of the birthday than the actual day itself. When it comes to thank you notes for your kids birthday gifts....let them do it! Sister is almost 4 and she's been scribbling her own cards since her first birthday. Of course, back then, she did them in small doses. Plopping 30 cards in front of her back then would have seemed like punishment. Now? She loves it! Wants to send a card to thank people for having a birthday in the same month as her. Again, she may get that little our of control bit from someone....maybe her Daddy :) I still write a little bit of a note in there specifically thanking for the gift that was given but it's only a matter of time before she learns to that part, too. She loves every single part of this whole birthday game. She gets to pick the stamps to send out the cards and put them on the envelope all by herself. She feels like she's helping and she's also learning to be thankful for the people who love her. Plus, I get out of having to do everything all by myself!