In Which Everyone Has a Complaint Today

Got anything you need to complain about today? Want to tell me all about your tummy ache? Your stubbed toe? Want to tell me how unfair it is that such a pretty, law abiding citizen as Paris Hilton has been sent back to jail? Go ahead! It's that kind of day at the Little People House.

I've had some sort of tummy thing for a couple of days now. It's really fun. Really. It's the type that has you running to the bathroom one minute sure you're not going to get there fast enough only to discover when you get there that you rushed for nothing. Then, the next time, you won't rush and you'll need to. Going up stairs makes you dizzy. Eating anything, no matter how small or good for you will have you doubled over in pain. Feeling nauseous is like second nature.

Stop right where you are. Don't even say aloud what's in your head. Is she pregnant? I was doing all the math in my head with a furrowed brow up until this morning when Sister woke up with the same problem. Thankyouverymuch.

Brother happens to be getting his two year molars at the same time that Sister and I have our issues. Poor little guy just gets pink cheeks and chews on his hands and gets upset at the slightest things. He's been such a trooper but it's painful to look at those gums. I think we're nearing the end of that, though.

The worst part is Sister's ailments. I'd rather myself get a double dose of the tummy icks than for her to feel the slightest twinge. Lest you think I'm being all sweet and protective, let me explain. It's just that when she has any sort of pain in any remote part of her anatomy, she can't function. Just can't. She will lay around and cry. Literally. Can't bear to walk herself anywhere because everyone knows that with a tummy ache, your legs don't work properly. Duh. So, we get a lot of whining. AND. She has the most acute senses during these times of major illness. Yes Sirree. She can suddenly feel and find every single little scratch, bruise and freckle on her body and OH HOW IT ACHES. She needs Tylenol. She needs Orajel. She needs LOVE for crying out loud. Bless her heart, some may say she gets this from her Daddy, but you didn't hear that from me.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a new day and the ailments will have subsided. Either that or I'll be needing a medicinal concoction of my own. And, I'm not talking about Tylenol.