That's How I Roll

Have you seen these? They are my nemesis. Heelys. Tonight as I was strolling through Target, a boy big enough to walk without the help of wheels whizzed past me, almost knocking me over, all without glancing back. I watched him glide up the aisle in front of me, doing the same to every other shopper he passed. He was clearly on a mission. From Satan.
These shoes are the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Would he have been allowed to whiz up and down the aisles on a skateboard? NO way! I agree, it has less to do with shoes than with manners in many cases but can someone give me a valid reason that kids need to have wheels embedded into their sneakers? Is this a plot by Sonic to train all of today's youth to work as car hops? I think I'll stop one of the whippersnappers in Target next time and place an order for an extra long cheese coney and see what happens.
Our church has banned Heelys inside of the building. I guess there were lots of accidents with kids either falling or running others down and the youth department just decided enough was enough. I'm ever so thankful.
I hope they are a fad that passes like Jellies and Jams and doesn't make a come back when my kids are old enough for them. Of course, I may change my mind when my kids are old enough to bring me a strawberry slush.