Works for me Wednesday: Getting kids to clean

This week's WFMW came to me in a moment of genius yesterday. I was cleaning like a mad woman and needed to mop the dining room. As I pulled out the chairs from the dining room table, I realized that there was dust on the unused ones and crumbs on those we use regularly. Nice. Yeah, I've never claimed to be Merry Maids.
Anyway, clue to lightbulb over my head! Ding! I got two damp dish rags and handed one to each kid and said "Let's clean, guys!" They groaned until they realized that it didn't involve picking up toys. They happily took their wet rags and cleaned the chairs for me. THEN! They went around the house and did a little light dusting with those rags, without me even asking! I'll be doing this trick more often!

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