Works for Me Wednesday: Sunburn Help

Let's start out with the facts. I'm pale and covered in freckles. In my lifetime, I've had more horrible sunburns than I care to admit. Recently, while a good friend was visiting, we went to the beach. Let's just say my sunscreen applier skipped a spot or twelve. I came home a little fried in a few blotchy spots. Yeah, it's pretty.

Anyway, back to the part that helps you. Should you find yourself in the sunburn category, run, do not walk, to the store and get a tub of Noxema. Slather that stuff on and feel the soothing goodness. It will take the burn right out of that sunburn and make life more pleasant almost immediately. Continue to apply as long as you need to. For me, I just cake it up and don't even bother rubbing it in. If you are that burnt, you won't be up to leaving the house or walking the runway any time soon, anyway. Noxema has become Big Daddy's new Neosporin, he thinks it cures everything. In the post below where I listed all of the complaints of the day from our family, he recommended Noxema for every single one of them. Is that weird?

It works for me! Run on over to Shannon's place to find more helpful tips!