I love you, Big Daddy

Tomorrow is the big day. We have known about your promotion for a while now but it's here and it's real. I am so proud of you. As I think back over our marriage, I am in awe of the things we've been allowed to see and do together. In a day where being in the military isn't viewed as a privilege by most, you hold your head high and continue touching lives and making a difference to those around you with such selflessness. You deserve this promotion. You have worked so hard and given so much of yourself these last nine years. You truly have people all over the world that love you. None as much as those that live in this house, but they all love you still.

I've thought a lot about what to say and what to give to you for your promotion. Nothing seems enough. In a few weeks, you will leave us to serve your country elsewhere. This promotion seems fitting enough right now as you prepare to leave. But I don't know how to say thank you. How do you tell the person most important to you that you are so very proud of what they do and how they never seem deterred from their positive outlook on everything? I want to hold on to you like Brother does when he's begging you not to leave for work and beg you not to go. I want to pitch a big fit and yell at your superiors and tell them that it's just not fair to make you leave me. But, as I'm about to sink to that level, I look at your eyes and realize that you need to do this. It's who you are. You love your job and you love to make a difference in people's lives. I love that about you.

Stand up there tomorrow and with your big grin, accept your new rank and allow all of us to show how proud we are of you. We're proud of your job, we're proud to call you Daddy, we're proud to call you Husband, Lover and Friend. My very best friend. Your kids adore you. I adore you. You make me a better person. Your attitude makes even the gloomiest of people brighten up and have hope. Congratulations, baby. You deserve this, because you're the Big Daddy.