Sticky Situations and Hair Raising events

This morning, the kids were both playing so well with each other. They were sharing and getting along. It was a miracle at the Little People House. They decided to go upstairs and play, which they love to do, and I took the opportunity to mop the kitchen. As I'm mopping, I hear Brother crying. Drat, I knew it was too good to be true.

I went to the bottom of the stairs and called for him to meet me in the middle and tell me what's wrong. He approaches the top of the stairs with tears running down his cheeks. "Sister won't let me squeeze it." Huh?

It was then that I noticed that his hair was dripping wet and sticking up like Bart Simpson on a bad day.

"SISTER!! GET DOWN HERE!! What won't you let Brother squeeze?"

Sister approaches the top of the stairs and background music begins to play in my head. "Ooooh, oohh, we're halfway there, Oooh, Ooooh, we're living on a prayer...." Girl looked like she stepped right out of a Bon Jovi video circa 1987. We're talking big rockin' hair.

"It's your hairspray, Mom. I fixed our hair."

Yes you did, girl, yes you did. And High School Me would have been so proud. All I could do was stand there and giggle. And, of course, grab my camera to document. Today's flashback to the '80's brought to you by the Little People.

By the way, Tina, I totally thought of you while all of this was going on.