Go Heather, It's Your Birthday!

Oh yes, it's that time. I'm another year older today. BUT, that's not the best part. I'm another decade older. I'm the big three-o. I'm officially out of my twenties and back into the same age bracket on annoying forms as my husband. I remember when my mom and each of her sisters hit their thirty year, it was rough. They lamented about how they couldn't bid goodbye to their twenties. They were going to get wrinkles (GASP!) They bought all of the emergency equipment needed for the occasion: wrinkle cream, hair dye, chocolate. I thought they were an odd bunch. But not just for that reason. Then, last year, I re-connected with an friend from high school and she's a year older than me. She warned me that I was likely to fall apart when I hit my next birthday. She said she went into her fourth decade kicking and screaming and slathering on the Oil Of Olay. Well readers, let me tell you something. Not me. I'm embracing thirty. I love it. I feel like an official adult. I love that I've learned so much since I was twenty. So, thirty, here I am. Let's party together. We're stuck together for the next ten or so years so I hope you like me, chocolate and coffee. It's gonna be fun!

And, you don't even have to bring me a gift. As a matter of fact, I'm giving you a gift. Leave a comment here between now and tomorrow morning (8/7/07) at 9:00 eastern time and I'll do a random drawing. Winner gets a $20 gift card to my favorite place to treat myself: STARBUCKS! Just make sure if you leave a comment that I have a way to get in touch with you. I'll announce a winner tomorrow! Go, tell your friends and if you want cake, could you bring me a big slice also?