I Just Want To Watch The News

Last night, after I got ready for bed, I plopped down and turned on the TV for the 11:00 news, to check the weather for today. The screen says to me, "Temporarily Unavailable, try again later" so I hit the button to go to another channel. Same message. Try again to the news station that's just a step above being filmed in a basement by teenagers and still no go. I'm in panic mode. How will I know what the weather will be tomorrow? I try the weather channel. NOTHING. I switch to Fox News, and it works. CNN, that works too. I'm sure there is a conspiracy of some sort by the cable networks to make sure I can't find out the weather for tomorrow.

At this point, Big Daddy hears my groans over the sound of his tooth brushing and comes in to see what the problem is. I tell him my issue and he can't figure it out either. We decide to turn off the TV and sleep and just take our chances on the weather.

This morning, Big Daddy goes downstairs to let the dog out and it takes him a longer than usual time to come back.

Me: "What took so long?"
Him: "I had to let the dog out and yell at him."
Me: "WHAT? Why would you do that?"
Him: "Because he's the reason you couldn't watch the news last night. He chewed through the cable line that connects to our room. Don't worry, he only got through half of it so you'll still be able to watch all channels above 25 but no local stations."

Dang dog. That's ok. I did watch the weather tonight. For Alaska. Tomorrow I'm planning to wear a turtleneck and boots. I'll just have to improvise with my weather planning.