I'm All For Bonding But This Is Ridiculous

Recently, Brother and Sister have been asking to share a room. It's only really come up at bed time when they are both splitting up for the day to their own rooms. We tried that once before and because of their opposite sleep habits (Brother is a really light sleeper!) it just didn't work. He would keep her up playing and then wake her up really early and by the second day, she ordered him back to his own room. Either she's very forgiving or her memory has failed her of this past experience.

With Big Daddy leaving soon for parts unknown, I had heard that sleeping in the same room could possibly help them cope with missing him. Then, there was an article in Parents magazine that made sharing a room sound like a wonderful bonding experience for siblings. I fell for it and presented the case to Big Daddy for the little people. He's pretty much up for anything so we gave it a try. Perfect timing too, since we picked up Brother's new mattress and bed this week. Could it be a sign that everything is fitting into place and they will co-habitate happily this time?

Not a chance. Bonding is one thing. Keeping each other up until way past Mommy's bed time by singing, dancing and laughing is another. Every single time I go in there to warn them of their impending separation, everything from Brother's bed is on the floor and he's dancing a jig in the middle of the bed. Sister, of course, is laying on her bed acting like she has no idea what is going on and she just woke up when I busted up in their crib. She's a good actress, that one. After three days of numerous warnings, second chances and every time ending with Brother back in his own room in the crib, I'm at the end of my rope. I'm not sure if this whole sharing a room thing is going to work for us and it makes me a little sad because I want them to bond. Not that they aren't bonding with all the hoopla going on until near midnight every night. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure sibling bonding gets any deeper than what I heard coming over the monitor tonight. Sister started a song and Brother joined in loudly. Their song of choice for this warm summer night? "Don't You Wish Your Boyfriend Was Short Like Me?" Bonding at it's finest.