Sleepy Time

I love a good nap. There's nothing like putting your pajamas back on in the middle of the day and climbing into bed, between sheets that are ice cold from the air conditioner blowing directly on them. It takes a serious napper to be willing to get back into jammies for a short respite from an otherwise hectic day. I'm willing to do it. Napping is my spiritual gift.

Every day, once the kids are down for their nap, I'm left with the huge decision: to nap or not to nap. On the one hand, I could get a lot done around the house while they sleep. On the other hand, a nap. In my bed. With my jammies on. Doesn't take a genius to figure out which hand wins on a fairly regular basis.

I have several friends who claim they just can't nap. Something about sleeping in the middle of the day doesn't appeal to them. I'm afraid I just don't get that. I love sleep like I love chocolate and most of you have been around long enough to know how deep that affection runs. I'm a person that can't survive without much sleep. I get irritable, cranky, ugly and I'm pretty sure I develop nervous ticks and a limp. Give me a good night's sleep and all is well in the morning. If there's a huge stress issue for me, I know that if I go to bed, it will seem less stressful when I wake up. Sleep cures all things for this girl. There's nothing in this world like getting to that drool on your pillow stage of euphoria where you are about to slip into dreamland. Seriously, if I realize that I have already started the drooling, I'm ecstatic because it means I'm so close to sleep that it's sure to happen. Don't even try to wake me up unless it is really important. I'll spare you the details of what happens when my drool stage is disturbed. Oh stop it, don't act like you don't drool. You know you do. Maybe not as much as me but surely everyone does it, right?

So, are you a napper? Or have you been reading this thinking I've lost my mind and may want to check in with a doctor to be treated for narcolepsy?