A Trip in Numbers

15: Total number of hours in the car with my children

13: Number of hours in the car that those children were awake and fighting yelling playing rather than napping.

7,496: Number of times over the past several days I pleaded with my son to PLEASE walk faster than a snail's pace.

7,477: Times he couldn't hear me pleading because he was so far immersed into his own world of looking at leaves, rocks, dirt to bother with me.

5: Number of hours we spent walking around the zoo at a snail's pace, still not seeing all of the animals.

100: Degrees. At the zoo. For five hours. Enough said.

7: Trips to Starbucks.

4: Fantastic days spent with incredible friends, laughing until my face hurt.

2: 1 very happy dog + 1 very happy Sister to be reunited.

1: Happy Mommy to be home, about to sleep in her own bed.

24: Hours until Big Daddy gets home to sleep in that bed next to me.

I'm tempted to sleep until he gets here to make the time pass quicker. Wait a second. Back to reality. I'll be up with the sun because the kids will be so! happy! to be home with all of their toys and their dog again.