Back to School

Monday was Sister's first day back at pre-school. She was so excited!about!every!part! of the whole day! Picking out the first day outfit was a monumental affair and deciding on what she wanted in her lunch was of the greatest importance. Every detail was discussed and she was ready. She proudly climbed out of the car with a perma-smile and was ready to face the day. When I picked her up, she told me all about how wonderful her day was. She loves her new teacher and her class does all kinds of fun things. Her only complaint was that it didn't last long enough. Why did I come back so soon to pick her up? We only do half days, just like last year but apparently that's not enough for this year. Then she said that she spent most of the day talking to her new friend. Tanner. Hold on. I'm pretty sure that's a boy name. Last year, Sister wouldn't even discuss the boys in her class. If we are coming through the gate to get on base, she only wants to say hello if there's a female guard. She's so girly that her blood is pink when she scrapes her knees. And now? Her first friend for this year is a boy. Today the report was that she spent the whole time talking to her two new friends. Boy from Monday and another boy. I think the thing is that the girls in her class were mostly in the same class last year so they've already bonded which leaves her with the boys at her table. Oh boy (pun intended!) is this year shaping up to be different from last year.

Brother's first day was today. I'll have to report on that tomorrow. After my tears have dried.
I will tell you though that Sister is very concerned. Here's a conversation that happened between us a few days ago.

Sister: Mom, I am really worried and nervous.

Me: About what, sweetie?

Sister: About you.

Me: (Swinging head around from front seat) What? Why?

Sister: It's just that when Brother and Me are in school on Wednesdays and Fridays, you will be all alone and I'm afraid you won't have anything to do. What will you do, Mama? You'll be
all alone without us there. Will you be sad? (She's all about compassion.)

Me: I'm sure I'll be fine. Don't you worry about me. *Smiling at my big girl*