Brother's School Days

I know I'm late with this but ya'll, it's been one crazy week! We're all sick with allergy issues right now thanks to the change in weather but I'll suffer a stuffy head if it means cooler temps!

Anyway, Brother's first day was fabulous and he loved every second of it! When I picked him up, his teachers were giggling and telling me that they loved watching Brother dance. One said that she turned on the music and turned around to tell the kids that it was time to dance when she noticed Brother shaking his booty to the music with his eyes closed and hands in the air. I have no idea where he learned that move. Ahem.

The second day, when I came to pick him up, he was in the front of the line of kids, at the door ready to walk down the hall. I looked down at him and smiled and he met my smile with his "mean face". I asked why he was upset and he just hugged my leg and continued the grumpy look. His teacher speculated that it was probably because he was chosen to be line leader right before I came and now I was taking him away from his moment in the spotlight. I felt a little guilty but we had someplace to be so I just scooted out the door, holding brother in my arms. His little face was buried in my shoulder and I was trying to pry the details of his fun day out of him. He wasn't hearing it.

"I NEVER want to go to this school again!!"

"Brother, you love your school. Why don't you want to come back?"

"Because I don't like to line up. Lining up is not fun." All said with lips out like a duck and a very furrowed brow.

Apparently, he's over that because since Saturday, he's been asking if it was Wednesday yet so he can go back to school.