I swear I haven't abandoned the blog. Have you ever accidentally taken a break from something and then found that it's really hard to get back in the swing of it? You may love it and think of it often but getting back to it is nearly impossible. Welcome to my relationship with the ol' blog. I love writing here, I really do! But, once Big Daddy left and I didn't post for a little bit, it just became one of those things where I would think all kinds of great things to blog and then would promptly forget them and realize when I sat down at the computer that I have nothing to say. So, it's not you, it's me. But, I'll tell you this. I am back with a vengeance. Whether I have something important to say or if I'm just telling you all the boring details of my day (no, really! I do have an exciting life! Who doesn't love to hear about the loading/unloading of the car, dishwasher, washing machine several times a day!?)

We're gearing up for the big day tomorrow. Sister gets to wear her costume to school for a little party and Brother gets to wear pajamas. Pajamas to school? His teacher must love me! Getting him dressed lately has been fun since he thinks it's hilarious to roll around in circles giggling while I try to wrangle his shirt over his head. And, tomorrow? I don't even have to bother. I love Halloween.

On another note, Brother learned a new trick that is catching me all sorts of funny looks from my friends and neighbors. When we are departing from someone's company, he will walk over to them, stick out his hand and say, "Hey buddy, slap me a hot one!" No one gets it. He wants you to give him five and do it hard so he can pull his hand back and blow on it and go, "Ow! Ow! That's hot!" Thanks Uncle Tommy. We owe you one. Anything else you'd like to teach my two year old?