Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hey there Brace Face.....

My little Sister got her braces off today. This is a huge event for her! She's had them on for a couple of years and she has been the most diligent person I've ever seen at avoiding the foods that would snap a bracket or be too sticky. She's got more self control than I, that one. So, this weekend we are headed down to visit my family and we are throwing her a surprise party chock full of all of her favorite foods that she has been so disciplined to avoid for over two years. We're serving up corn on the cob, candy apples, cracker jacks, pecan pie, baby carrots and Air Heads candy. By the end of the night we'll either be all hopped up on sugar or sick. But, she'll be rewarded for her diligence and we'll all get to see her the happiest she's ever been. We've all even gotten her little gifts. This is going to make her day and I'm so excited to see her face when she gets all of the attention! I'm so excited to get there and see her! I've never had braces so if there's something that we've left off of the list that we should have for her, feel free to tell me!!


  1. Well, I guess you can't say Brace Face anymore! Congrats to your sister. I've never worn braces either, but I can imagine that this is a VERY special time for her and what a wonderful idea to throw a party. Take photos! Have a ball.


  2. I am so excited for your sister, it was SO nice getting to eat fun foods again! I hope you had a blast.