Seasons Change....Right?

Just where is Fall? Did I rip off too many months from my calendar? Is it really still August? I'm so ready for fall weather!! It's been hot and humid here and that's just a crime for almost mid-October. The kids and I have been rebelling against this weather. We've huddled together every night for a week and had hot chocolate. We went to a hay ride and pumpkin painting contest. It can't hurt to pretend, right?

On another note, we are a month down in this deployment! You know what? It really stinks and I hate it. But you know what else? Time is flying by. We've been so busy and surrounded with so much love from friends, it went right by us.

Well, I need to go put on my jacket and gloves and get the kids to school. I don't care if the weather guy just said it was going to be close to 90 and humid here today. I want Fall and I'm going to get it. Either that or a heat stroke. I'll let you know which.