Conversations I'd Like to Avoid, Part 1

Sister: Mommy, the turkey that we will eat on Thanksgiving, will it have eyes?

Me: (looking for something shiny to distract her with) No way!

Sister: Good. What about a head?

Me: (still looking for that shiny object) No, honey. It won't have a head.

Sister: Well, what happened to it? Where does it go before we eat it?

Me: (Cursing the lack of shiny objects in our car) Well, the farmers that take care of the turkeys take it off after they um. Um. Hey, look! A bulldozer!!

Sister: Mommy, how do they kill the turkeys and take off their heads and eyes?

Me: (Thinking that we will forever after be vegetarians and crying a little on the inside because I used to really like turkey) Well, honey. I, um. I'm not really sure. But, are you excited about going school today? Do you think you'll be the line leader?

Seriously? I'm a little nervous about Thanksgiving now. I'm also a little grossed out.