Now She's Running From the Little People

We spent the day cleaning out Sister's room. I explained that if she wants new stuff for Christmas, she has to donate some of the old stuff to charity to make room for the new. She was resistant at first so I did what any Mom would do. I lied. I told her that it was perfectly fine if she didn't want to give away the old stuff, I'm sure that Santa wouldn't mind giving her new stuff to kids who don't have a lot. She took the bait and we worked our fingers to the bone today. Whatever that means.

Bless her heart, she was so eager in the beginning. We started with the toy bins that housed Little People (not the ones I gave birth to) and other toys she has long outgrown. She did awesome. We packed them away at lightening speed.

Then came the hard part. Sister is so attached to stuffed animals. Always has been. She loves every single one with all of her heart....and that's a lot of animals and a lot of heart. She tried to get rid of some but she couldn't. Until. She spied a stack in the corner that she's been longing to get rid of since the day they entered our house. She gladly grabbed them and tossed them into the basket to give away. My heart sank. I asked if she was sure and she gleefully said she was.

Actually, her words were, "Yes, I don't like them. I think they look really weird."

My heart sank a little more. Not the beloved Cabbage Patch Kids.

When the CPK made their comeback a couple of years back, I was thrilled. I was in love with the ones I had growing up and I couldn't wait to introduce Sister to her little Miranda Jean Jennifer Sue. Last year, I picked one that I thought looked the most like Sister and waited in excitement until she opened it. The excitement was all mine. She gave it a look and tossed it aside. Every time we have had a room clean up since, she has volunteered that doll (and the three others that well meaning friends from my generation gave to her) to head to Goodwill. I have talked her out of it every time.

I knew it would come today before we even started our cleaning up. I knew she'd try to toss those babies to the curb. I told myself that it is her room, her toys and she could make the choice. She made the choice and I let her do it. I'm sorry Miranda Jean Jennifer Sue. I'm sorry Xavier Roberts. I tried to carry on the legacy but you just look too weird.

**As I was looking up the link for Xavier Roberts on Wikipedia, I read that he actually called the CPK dolls, "Little People" when he first created them. Coincidence? I think not. So, I changed the title to reflect that Sister is in fact following in my footsteps in some ways.