The Teacher Becomes the Student

The light turned from red to green. The car in front of me, the first in line, kept sitting still. She was busy eating and talking on her phone. She has no time for silly things like obeying traffic laws. Or not ticking me off. So, I say to her, "Lady! Go already! The light is green now get out of my way!"

Of course, she can't hear me. So, that makes it ok, right? Right?

It would except I have four small ears in the back seat.

Brother says, "Mom. You weren't very nice. You should say, 'Can you please move out of my way?' and that would be nice."

It took me a second for what he, in his almost three year old wisdom, had just said. When it caught on, my face flushed.

"You are right, Brother. I shouldn't have been mean. I'll be nicer next time, ok?"

So. He has been paying attention to my endless ramblings about manners recently! I'm not sure if that makes me feel better since he hasn't exactly been practicing it. But, he caught me and I had to own up to it. Just another step closer to my kids being smarter than me.