Works for Me Wednesday: Backwards Day

Alright, gracious readers, I need you. My kids have become obsessed with drawing/writing lately. Sister can go through a stack of papers in no time and each one will have beautiful drawings that are so special to her little four year old self. Each one of them means so much to her that if I suggest after the 768th one that maybe we give some to friends or throw them away after several days, she is distraught. Add this to the million art projects they bring home from preschool and church and we have ourselves a regular art studio.
My question for you is: What do you do with these masterpieces? I mean, really, they are all so cute and I'm not ungrateful that they love to draw but I'm afraid we will lose Brother under a mound of paper soon. How do you decide what to keep and what to toss? How do you store those you decide to keep? Do you display any in your home and how? My refrigerator has no more space to display any. I promise to name my next kid after you beautiful people who help me. Ok, probably not that but I'll be thankful! How's that?

(Also, if anyone can tell me what to do with Brother and his current lack of sleeping, I'd sing you a song. He's staying up until 11, talking to himself and then up by 6:30 and trying to skip nap. He's two. He's grouchy without sleep. I'm tired.)

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