Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Backwards Day

Alright, gracious readers, I need you. My kids have become obsessed with drawing/writing lately. Sister can go through a stack of papers in no time and each one will have beautiful drawings that are so special to her little four year old self. Each one of them means so much to her that if I suggest after the 768th one that maybe we give some to friends or throw them away after several days, she is distraught. Add this to the million art projects they bring home from preschool and church and we have ourselves a regular art studio.
My question for you is: What do you do with these masterpieces? I mean, really, they are all so cute and I'm not ungrateful that they love to draw but I'm afraid we will lose Brother under a mound of paper soon. How do you decide what to keep and what to toss? How do you store those you decide to keep? Do you display any in your home and how? My refrigerator has no more space to display any. I promise to name my next kid after you beautiful people who help me. Ok, probably not that but I'll be thankful! How's that?

(Also, if anyone can tell me what to do with Brother and his current lack of sleeping, I'd sing you a song. He's staying up until 11, talking to himself and then up by 6:30 and trying to skip nap. He's two. He's grouchy without sleep. I'm tired.)

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  1. I've heard of a cute idea for all the art projects. Take pictures of them, trim the pictures down a bit and then laminate into a place mat. Then sister gets to see her art work all the time and you get to lose the clutter. Just hang on to a few special ones :)

    I wish I had some ideas for brother.

  2. I take photos of all my kids' artwork. If it's a necklace made of macaroni, take a photo of your child wearing it, then toss the necklace when they get bored with it. If it's a fireman hat they've made, take a photo of of it and let them wear it until it falls apart. If it's the 768th drawing, take a photo.

    I don't make prints of ALL the artwork my kid's create, but I do make prints of the best ones and then I put them in their scrapbooks (eventually).

    I have one big rubbermaid container that I keep "hard" copies of their very best, or my very favorite artwork. I try to end up with 8-10 pieces/child/year. Make sense??

    Having a photo makes it a whole lot easier to part with each "priceless" work.

  3. I think you should teach them early (now) that you can't keep everyhing - you have to make choices. I'd give a box and tell her when it's full she has to decide what goes. but you know what? I blogged about it here:

    Organising queen
    Marcia's take charge blog and
    Beaded bookmarks by Marcia

  4. We bought some hooks, some jute twine, and some clothes pins. We hung the hooks on the wall in Bubba's room, and the play room. We strung the jute between the hooks and clipped the clothes pins on the twine, making a sort of clothes line. Bubba hangs his favorites on the clips and when he is out of clips, he has to decide whether to keep or toss. I save what I want to add to his scrapbook and the rest go in the trash.

    I'll try to post pics on my blog some time today.

    Can't help you with the sleeping :)

  5. The door from the garage into our kitchen is metal, and on it are six magnetic clips-- DD chooses what artwork to display. Anything else goes into her craft cabinet (which is a rolling plastic cart with drawers). The cart holds all her art stuff, playdoh, and one drawer holds pictures she's drawn. I "thin out" the collection sometimes when she's in bed-- so far she hasn't noticed. Anything really special will someday make it into her preschool scrapbook.

  6. Oh- forgot to answer the sleep question.

    When DD stopped taking naps I instituted "quiet time" in the afternoon. A video for her, a book for me, and nobody was allowed off of their respective couches. It was a little down time for everyone, without the drama of being forced to nap.

  7. my kids are grown now but when they were little, we would mail the pics to Santa...because after all, he lived in this huge place in the north pole and loved getting their pics all.year.long!

    and the sleep thing....that's what my 2 yr old grandson is doing right now and my daughter hasn't been able to figure that one out either.

  8. I kept their holiday artwork to use it decorate the house until they got older. Now I take digi-photos & at the end of each school year, I'll scrapbook it.

  9. I keep them in a folder. I switch them out on the fridge every once in awhile.

  10. Hmmmmm.....I remember those days!

    I think you're gonna have to tell her you can only save a certain # each week. You chose the # and stik to it.

    Hope Brother gets back on schedule soon.


  11. stop letting them draw. LMAO! hahahaha.

    I am just kidding.

  12. I love the photo idea...and wanted to add, I frame (literally go to Hobby Lobby on half price day and frame) the pictures I love. I have them all over my kitchen currently and will move them to a larger part of the house as I lose room (right now, i am doing above the cabinets, you know the wasted space). The kids love having their artwork displayed and I don't have to do the ones that are just basic drawings. I would also encourage you to get your kids some canvases from a craft store, let them pencil in a drawing and paint it with acrylics and then varnish, and open back frame it. Makes great Christmas presnets also!!

  13. someone already posted about hanging them up. here's an example on a friend's blog:

    We did this also around our whole dining room and it looks great. the kids love pointing out their pics. we just used push pins and made loops at the end of the strings. goodluck!

  14. I think taking a picture is such a great idea, it will certianly save on space. As I am about to make a trans-atlantic move, I learned all about "what I REALLY need" to keep and the facts of life are, you just can't keep eveything. I have a friend who suggested this (my kid is not old enough to really draw yet): have a box/file whatever for each child, over the year collect all their stuff (photograph it as a back up) keep it in the box/file and at the end of each year she makes them choose one item and she sticks it in their individual srcap book. Maybe you could even simplify it, like each month they choose one - photograph and then chuck the rest and then at the end of the year choose one from the 12 and stick it in a scarp book.