These Boots Are Made For Sleeping

A few days ago, Brother and I were out shopping and saw a pair of little boys cowboy boots. He begged for them and I caved and bought them. After all, he never asks for things like shoes and the mere thought that he may be the only male on the planet begging for a pair of shoes and enjoying shoe shopping, warmed my heart to the core. And, they were cheap cute.

When we came home, he immediately put the boots on and has had them on ever since. He allows me to take them off of him to dress him and bathe him. That's it. What's that? What about sleeping? Oh, he wears them. Don't tell me you don't sleep with your cowboy boots on.

Because they are so cheap cute, they don't bend very well so he walks like he's been riding a horse. I'm starting to put this whole cowboy picture together.

Last night, I wanted to take a picture of him with the boots on so I told him to stand still and smile because I wanted a picture of a real cowboy.


"But Brother, you have real cowboy boots so you look like a real cowboy!"

"No Mom, I look like PaPa." (My dad would be thrilled to know that Brother wants to look like him!)

At any rate, I now have to look for pajamas for the little guy that will match the boots. Because he's not taking them off any time soon.