Updates and Such

So, it's been a while since I've update what is actually going on in the Little People house. First, let me say...it's December, right? Because with temps in the 70's, I'm starting to get confused! I see on Good Morning America that some people are actually getting winter weather and I both envy and pity those people. Of course, I do it while I sweat and consider digging out my summer clothes again.

Things here are moving relatively smoothly. Since it is December, I can officially say that Big Daddy is coming home next month! It's not soon enough for me but I'll take it! I've finished most of my Christmas shopping, with only a couple of small things left to buy. With traffic and the crowds of mean and scrooge-like people, I may just do that from the comfort of my chair. With some hot chocolate by my side, pretending that it's winter.

On another note, I have been racking my brain to figure out stuff to put in the box to send to Big Daddy for Christmas. I don't want to send much because he will have to turn around and ship it right back home since he won't have space to bring it back NEXT MONTH (sorry, had to throw that in there!) when he returns. But, I want to send something! I have ideas: hot chocolate with some yummy things to add in, homemade peppermint bark/almond toffee, listerine strips (he's a little addicted to them) and some pictures and art work from the kids. Any other ideas? Also, to totally swipe an idea from Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes, if any of you want to send him a Christmas card to brighten his day, I'd be glad to share his address. Not to worry, it's just a box somewhere in TX and the military takes it from there so I'm not giving away any top secret information. I think getting a bunch of Christmas cards from you nice people just might make him smile!

Now, I think I will go get the kids up from their naps and let them play outside and enjoy this weather!