Taking Advice from an Almost Three Year Old

In the past few nights at bed time, Brother has been giving me advice on how he thinks I could shape up my mothering game. Last night it went like this:

B: Mom, I have to tell you something.
M: Sure, buddy.
B: You don't have to say no to everything.
M: (slightly shocked) What do you mean?
B: When I ask you for stuff, you should say yes. And smile. You don't have to say no all the time.
M: (with my tail tucked between my legs) Ok, bud. I'll work on that.

I shouldn't have been shocked when another pep talk ensued tonight. But, I was. I guess I'm a little overconfident in my skills.

B: I have to ask you a question, Mom.
M: Ok, ask me.
B: Instead of throwing our stuff in the trash or giving it away, you could just laugh when it's on the floor.
M: (Feigning horror) What? You think when all of your toys are just laying on the floor and you don't pick them up that I should just laugh?
B: Yes! That's a good idea, right?
M: I'll work on that, Bud.

You can tell by these bits of advice the type of discussions we've been having. For the record, I do think we need to go through some of these toys and give some to charity. Thanks to my mom and her love of buying toys, our house looks like Toys R Us threw up in here.

I'm thinking of lending him out for motivation speaking events for Moms. Maybe the Blogher Conference next year needs a three year old speaker?