Three Years Old

I can't even believe three years have passed since I gave birth to you. Those early days/weeks/year and a half after you were born are sometimes foggy in my memory because you slept so little and ate so often. From the beginning of your life, you have known exactly what you want and how you will get it. Rules were never an issue for you. You simply choose to believe they don't exist. I sometimes love that. Sometimes, it frustrates me and challenges me to be a more patient person. Whichever the case, it always makes me chuckle inwardly because it's so you.

There was never a better snuggler than you. When I snuggle up next to you and you put your chubby little hands out and curl them around my neck and say, "Come here, Mama", it makes me forget that there is a single thing to worry about in this world. Your cuddles have gotten me through the hardest times of this deployment. I know you have struggled with it as well and I hope my cuddles have helped you. You are so much like your Daddy that I often wonder if you actually got any of my DNA or if I was just a surrogate for his clone.

Sweet boy, your passion for everything you do, your ability to love people instantly and completely, your often volatile emotions are all things that I love so much about you and would not change for anything. Every single day, you come up with something to make me laugh and when I do, you are perplexed because you weren't trying to be funny, you were being totally serious. You are so laid back yet so intense all at the same time. You are my little mystery. You keep me on my toes.

I love you bigger than the world, Brother. Happy Birthday.

PS. No, you can't drive the car now that you are three, but thanks for asking.

PSS. Thanks you for all of the advice lately, I'll take all of your suggestions into consideration if you promise to do a few things for me: 1) Aim Better. Please. 2) Stop wiping off my kisses and laughing. 3) Don't fall of your bed anymore, it scares the daylights out of me. (This happened while I was typing this post!)