Tuesday, February 5, 2008


When you have big decisions to make, how do you approach them? I'm interested in this because we have some big decisions to make in the next few days (that we have been working on for about a week now!) and my approach is usually the same. First, I pray about it and ask God for wisdom and guidance. I like to think through every possible outcome that will be generated by this decision in order to feel like I'm prepared. I make a list of pros and cons...it helps to see it on paper. And, this is the one that always surprises me because it brings so much clarity, I talk through that list with someone. I have a couple of good girlfriends that I can always talk to about these things and I have Big Daddy. This time, the decisions have both of us stumped for a bit longer than usual so we have talked them to death between the two of us.

It's amazing to me what talking through things out loud will do to bring things to light in your mind. It always happens to me. I'll mull and pray for the longest time over something and really don't feel peace with an answer. Then, I'll sit down to chat about it with one of the above mentioned people and all of a sudden, it's as if the answer was staring me in the face the whole time. I get that "DUH!" moment, thinking that it should have been this clear all along. I think it's because I'm such a relationship centric person, God uses those relationships to clarify things for me.

So, today I ask two things of you. What do you do when you are making big decisions? And, will you think of us as we continue to make ours? I promise I'll share it with you very soon!


  1. I pretty much do the same thing when trying to make big decisions...especially talk it over and over and over LOL

    Good luck with making this decision; praying that God gives you the wisdom and peace you need!

  2. ... PRAYING GOd will give you an answer and a friend to confirm it!

  3. I do about the same. Weigh it over with all who are close to me.

    I have to say - on the decision you're pondering now, in 5 years I think the happiest I've "seen" you is the place you are in now. You seem so comfortable and happy.

  4. Well, the only thing I'd add is that if it's a really major decision, you may want to get counsel from someone (or a married couple) who is older, like a pastor. Sometimes we need the older perspective since our girlfriends, no matter how wise, are usually the same age!

    Praying for ya!

  5. I do exactly what you do. Exactly. I just stopped and said a prayer for you sweet friend.


  6. I am a talker - I talk about it with Daniel, God, and those people I have in my life I know are wise.

    I hope and pray you all are able to make a decision that you will feel great about. That there will be no second guessing!!