Monday, February 25, 2008

HGTV, How I Love Thee

While Big Daddy was away, I found a new love. My new boyfriend doesn't deploy. He doesn't even sleep. Twenty four hours a day, he's there at my beckoning. Don't worry, Big Daddy knows. I won't say that he approves but he understands.

My new love is HGTV. In a word: ahhhhhhh.

I watch House Hunters with the excitement of a three year old at Disney World. Get It Sold? For.Get.It. I love it. I get ideas for how to design on the cheap. The things these people can do to a house for less than a thousand bucks blows my mind!

As with any addiction, my HGTV fix could only hold me for so long. One night, while a commercial was on and I was anxiously waiting to find out if the couple was choosing House #1 (The Fixer Upper) or not, I flipped down a couple of channels to a show called Flip This House and down a few more to Flip That House. Don't worry if you are confused at first. You'd quickly see the differences.

Oh my lands, ya'll. Can this count as a hobby?

I'm no TV junkie, barely even a casual watcher anymore. (With the exception of LOST but don't hate. If you watched, you'd love it, too!) But, there's something about watching some quirky designer or realtor come in and make someone's dream house out of a shack that appeals to the dreamer in me.

I tell Big Daddy that I'm working up ideas for one day when we will actually buy a house and live in it for more than two years. For now, we are gypsies and that dream seems so far away.

If I'm away for too long, don't worry. I'm likely holed up someplace with a remote in my hand dreaming up ways to make a shack into a love shack dream home.

Update: I was telling my sister about this newfound love the other day when she kindly reminded me that this is no new obsession for me. Does your town have a local real estate channel? You know the kind: realtor goes into a home with a video camera and records each room while giving a running commentary on the house with hopes of selling it? No? Well, you are certainly missing out. Imagine me as a ten year old, glued to this channel for as long as my parents would allow. Think this obsession with houses has anything to do with my living in eight different houses in eight years?


  1. Oh, I love all those shows, too! I got addicted back when we were planning to buy this house. Of course, if we'd known th housing market was going to crash right after we bought, we would have rented!!!

  2. You are too funny! I really like watching those type of shows. Somewhat impossible now that we don't have tv, but we have watched TLC's flip that house once on the laptop ;)


  3. Hi there!

    I've tagged you for a fun meme! Can't wait to see what you come up with. It's easy and fun...really!


  4. Umm. Okay, I took my thirteen year old daughter to the Design Show this weekend. She saw the host for one of the HGTV shows there and actually started to cry in her excitement. Um, should I be worried? Shouldn't she be doing this for boy bands instead?

  5. Yep, love these shows! I also like Sleep on It and Property Virgins.

  6. I watch them when I can, I like them too!

  7. At our 2nd home in AZ, there is a real estate channel and it is often in our neck o'the woods, sometimes in our very own subdivision. Please tell me why I saw my 10 YO son and niece ON TV walking through a home like they were going to purchase it with the lint and candy wrappers in their filthy pockets???

    Turns out they were only there for the cookies ... oh Lordy!