Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a New Journey

I promised you something big, right? Well, it's totally big to me. I have a new blog. I've been a closet hippie for a while now and I thought it high time to share my secret with all of you and ask you to join me. Hey, where are you going? Come back here! I'm not asking you to switch to solar power or stop shaving your legs. I'm not doing that either. I'm taking baby steps. Tiny little baby steps. But, I really believe that a community of people (specifically women) can be the most important part of any journey.

I am learning so much and I want to share what I'm learning. I want to learn from you because I'm sure you know more than me. I want to hear what others think and what they are doing. I want the interaction and support that I know you guys can give me.

So, head on over there and check me out. To say thanks, I'm even throwing in a prize! Tell others about it, won't you? I love meeting new people!

(It's a little plain and un-decorated over there but I'm working on sprucing it up and making it look legit. Give me a little time.)

From Grey to Green

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Something Big

I've been working on a new journey that I'd love for you guys to take with me. I'll be bringing more details tonight or tomorrow. Let's just say that it's something that has been brewing within me for a long time now and last night, I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to share it with you. Sorry to keep you hanging but I need to do a little more preparation before I share!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Never Cease to Amaze Me

When I posted the question about the master bedroom on the first floor, I totally expected every single Mama out there to be all, "No way would we want that! Your irrational fears are so not irrational!"

Instead, some of you gave me something to think about. I actually got excited when Kat said that having a house like that would enable all kid stuff to be on the second floor thereby leaving the first floor visitor ready. Oh, how that thought warms my soul.

I have been discussing this with my girlfriends here, also. Further proof that my internet girlfriends and real life girlfriends are so similar, their thoughts are very similar to yours.

All that to say, I'm still stumped. I'm thinking it through, I really am. I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of girlfriends, I've mentioned here before that I have an awesome group of girls that I meet every other week for coffee. Half of the group doesn't even like coffee but that doesn't stop us. We meet at Starbucks anyway and stay there laughing and talking until they kick us out.

Last night was coffee night and yesterday was one of those days for me. You know the type. The kind where you question every decision you made that day. You wonder if you are still as intelligent and capable of the things that you did before your days were filled with Candyland, Go Fish and floor puzzles. That was my yesterday. I don't have many of those days but when I do, it's inevitably on Coffee Day. That's because God is good and He knows I won't wallow for long on those days. I get together with my girls and everything seems balanced again. It doesn't hurt that they are the type of friends who will say, "Snap out of it girl!" and let you know that these thoughts are normal and you aren't the only one with them.

I love those girls. I leave them feeling refreshed and ready to face anything. We're about to start meeting every week since we will soon start losing each other to moves. Over half of us are on the way to a new home this summer and I'm not sure I'll ever love Tuesdays as much as I do now once we aren't together anymore.

We aren't the only ones who think our group is special. Recently, the ever so adorable and very young man who starts working on our orders when he sees us walk in, told us that we are by far his favorite Mommy group that comes in. I didn't even balk at the fact that he referred to us as a "Mommy Group" rather than "Group of Gorgeous, Funny, Smart Young Women." Instead we thanked him and realized that what we have is rare and it's a blessing and I'm going to miss these women when we all move on.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Your Opinion Needed!

Hypothetically speaking, if you were buying or building a new house and the master suite was on the first floor with all of the other bedrooms upstairs, what would you think? If you liked everything else about the plan minus this one thing? I have a little issue with being on a separate floor from the kids, you know, in case of emergency. Plus, if we had a newborn, can you imagine running up and down the stairs several times every night? No, I'm not making any announcements, just asking. :)

As I type this, the kids and I are hiding inside from the freezing cold weather and rain, cuddled up with hot chocolate and watching a movie. They have inherited my love of musicals, apparently. I can't think of a better way to spend Tuesday of spring break, can you?

I know the calendar says it is spring but I'm having trouble believing it when I step outside. I want warmer weather! I have a feeling that when it warms up, you will wonder if I've dropped off of the planet because we will be outside so much! I'm not one who loves the really hot days of summer but I'd take that over cold any day. About January every year, I start getting this twitch that can only be stopped by several consecutive days of seventy degree temps. I crave sunlight and warmth. Now that it's April, I'm tapping my foot impatiently and begging God to bring on spring!

Have I mentioned that Sister will be starting Kindergarten in the fall? No? It's because I'm having a hard time accepting it. Seriously, I would keep her four years old if I could. I'd make sure that every day we would be able to cuddle on the couch in the middle of the day if we wanted and have hot chocolate. But, that wouldn't be fair to her. She is so excited about it and is ready to soak up all that elementary school has to offer! She's going to rock at Kindergarten. I'll have to give up my title and wear a shirt that says, "My Daughter is a RockStar" soon.

Brother is now snoozing on the couch next to me. Which means one thing. Tonight may be a long one. If he naps during the day lately, even for a few minutes, he has trouble going to bed on time. Luckily for all of us, it's spring break this week and the kids have "Daddy Date Night" while I have coffee with the girls. This usually insures that they will both crash because Daddy Date Nights are so much fun and so active that they are worn out.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Greatest Hits Edition

This week's Works For Me Wednesday over at Shannon's place is a greatest hits edition. According to my Statcounter, the most common reason people land at this blog by Google search is because of my easy dinner rolls recipe which was debuted in a WFMW post. So, I'm gonna post it again because I love ya'll so much. And because you just can't lose with these rolls. And by lose, I totally mean the pounds because these things are not calorie free. If you think that stops me from inhaling them, you just try to resist and you will get it.

Anyway, these yeast rolls are the best! Remember back in elementary school when the rolls were huge and sweet? This is the ones! They are so easy and even easier if you have a bread machine to do the kneading for you.

Easy Yeast Rolls

1 cup water
2 T butter, softened
1 egg
3 1/4 cup bread flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 t salt
3 t yeast

Place all ingredients in bread pan in the order listed. Select dough cycle. When cycle is finished, grease cookie sheet. Divide dough into 12 pieces. Shape each piece into ball. Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheet. Brushes with melted butter, if desired. Cover with clean cloth; let rise 30-40 minutes or until double.**

Heat oven to 375. Bake 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Brush tops with melted butter again, if desired.

**My bread machine has a rising cycle built in so if I'm strapped for time, there's no need for this step of extra rising. I just divide the dough, brush with butter and bake! They are so wonderful!