Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Your Opinion Needed!

Hypothetically speaking, if you were buying or building a new house and the master suite was on the first floor with all of the other bedrooms upstairs, what would you think? If you liked everything else about the plan minus this one thing? I have a little issue with being on a separate floor from the kids, you know, in case of emergency. Plus, if we had a newborn, can you imagine running up and down the stairs several times every night? No, I'm not making any announcements, just asking. :)

As I type this, the kids and I are hiding inside from the freezing cold weather and rain, cuddled up with hot chocolate and watching a movie. They have inherited my love of musicals, apparently. I can't think of a better way to spend Tuesday of spring break, can you?

I know the calendar says it is spring but I'm having trouble believing it when I step outside. I want warmer weather! I have a feeling that when it warms up, you will wonder if I've dropped off of the planet because we will be outside so much! I'm not one who loves the really hot days of summer but I'd take that over cold any day. About January every year, I start getting this twitch that can only be stopped by several consecutive days of seventy degree temps. I crave sunlight and warmth. Now that it's April, I'm tapping my foot impatiently and begging God to bring on spring!

Have I mentioned that Sister will be starting Kindergarten in the fall? No? It's because I'm having a hard time accepting it. Seriously, I would keep her four years old if I could. I'd make sure that every day we would be able to cuddle on the couch in the middle of the day if we wanted and have hot chocolate. But, that wouldn't be fair to her. She is so excited about it and is ready to soak up all that elementary school has to offer! She's going to rock at Kindergarten. I'll have to give up my title and wear a shirt that says, "My Daughter is a RockStar" soon.

Brother is now snoozing on the couch next to me. Which means one thing. Tonight may be a long one. If he naps during the day lately, even for a few minutes, he has trouble going to bed on time. Luckily for all of us, it's spring break this week and the kids have "Daddy Date Night" while I have coffee with the girls. This usually insures that they will both crash because Daddy Date Nights are so much fun and so active that they are worn out.


  1. ya, I have a thing about being on separate floors from my kids too. We actually DIDN'T buy several very nice houses because I couldn't get over it. Although I do know lots of people it works just fine for!

    my oldest is in kindergarten this year. I think I will find it hardest when my YOUNGEST starts in a few years.

  2. I actually love the idea of having the master bedroom on the forst floor. On eof the floor plans we are looking at has the house set up that way and I totally dig it. The house I grew up in was like that so that may be why I lean towards that.

    Hope you had a wonderful girl's night out!


    p.s. I have the maple syrup, it's on my counter. Life is so crazy right now! Thanks for being patient with me!! )

  3. Hi! Over from Minivan is Faster, and I got there from Bossy- and oh, there are just so many funny people out there!

    But anyway, I wouldn't care for the master on the first floor. Seems too close to guests and visitors and not very private. But I guess that depends on the layout.

    But - my husband and I have built two homes from scratch. I say "don't sacrifice". There will always be something you wish you did differently. Why start out in the beginning with a huge one that may needle you?

  4. I would do it. they are going to grow and you will have a baby monitor.

  5. Hi there!

    I've had it both ways. Preferably I like a one story house...no stairs. But having the kids room upstairs is sure nice. It's easier to keep the bottom floor "visitor ready" and not have to keep the children's room perfect. Baby monitors can give you peace of mind too. And a baby gate at the top of the stairs at nighttime.

    Hope you're having a fun weekend.