Oh Yes, They Call Him the Streak

After dinner, Sister and I walked over to our neighbor's house to ask if they'd like to join us for ice cream. We were standing on her porch chatting when the front door to my house opened and I saw Brother coming out. I could only see from the middle of his chest up and I could tell he wasn't wearing a shirt.

Me to Sister, "Your brother has taken off his shirt."

Just then, Brother darts out the door and starts running toward us. Completely. Nekkid. Wearing nothing but a huge grin and his excited face.

I cracked up laughing. Then I remembered that he's my kid. I started walking toward him and the little darling took off running in the opposite direction down the sidewalk.

To make sure you have the mental image correct let me re-paint the picture. Three year old boy sans clothes running down the sidewalk with a mom laughing screaming running after him. I finally caught up to him, picked him up and headed back to our house.

At some point, Big Daddy opens the front door and realizes what's going on. He gives me a weird look like this whole shenanigan was my idea and gets Brother inside and dressed.

My neighbor was doubled over when I got back to her house. Who am I kidding? So was I. Until she reminded me that we live across the street from the headquarters building on base and our whole street is constantly under video surveillance. Oy.