Summer Break

Tomorrow is the official last day of school around our house. Brother actually finished up his Mother's Day Out program last week and Sister will no longer be a preschooler after tomorrow. That last part? The part about no longer being a preschooler? It's killing me. We'll talk about that later. I'm wearing mascara right now so we can't talk about it because the ugly cry that comes along with talking about it and mascara just don't go well together.

Brother has been talking about "Summer Break" for a few weeks now as if it were some huge event that we need to pack a bag and picnic lunch to attend. He's been more than a little excited to know that we are getting closer and closer.

Tonight as we were putting him to bed, he needed to talk a little more about Summer Break.

"Dad, I wish you won't go to work anymore. It's time for your Summer Break."

Oh, dear boy. I wish. Wouldn't that be great? If we all got summers off and it was one big party complete with swimming, picnics and riding bikes? I'm voting for Brother for President.

As for my weekend of smelling babies, it was fantastic! My sweet nephew is beautiful and tiny. My Sister has the tiniest babies. They are full term and perfectly healthy but teeny tiny. He weighed only 6 lbs. at birth. Her other son was only 4 lb. 11 oz. at birth. Lucky girl.

I'll try to get to downloading pictures to share with you but for now, our main laptop has decided to take a Summer Break of it's own. Complete with a virus. So, once that's back up and running, I'll be back in business. Wait until you see him, you will melt. My uterus groaned all weekend begging for another baby.

Sister spent a good deal of time holding him, also. At some point, she was staring down at his little face and told me, "Mom, I really want another baby at our house. I will help you with everything. I'll hold her, feed her, sing to her and everything."

My Mom chimed in, "What about changing diapers, Sister? Will you help with that?"

She didn't skip a beat with her answer, "No. I will not change diapers. That's just gross. Mom can do that."

A girl has to have limits, you know.