Friday, May 30, 2008

Things I'm Constantly In Search For But Haven't Found Yet

I will add to this list as time goes on because every day, I am reminded that there is something else that I'm on a constant quest to find.

1. A good fitting pair of jeans. I'm a curvy girl* and if I happen to find jeans that fit well in the hips, they are too big in the waist. And, what's with all the jolly green giant jeans now? They are way too low cut at the top yet very, very long at the bottom. I'm 5'6 and would love to have jeans that don't trail behind me like Princess Diana's wedding dress.

2. Mascara. Is it too much to ask that a mascara make you lashes look longer and fuller without clumping them together in a way that makes you look like you are sporting tarantulas on your lids? Don't even get me started on the way most of them are leaving little black flecks under my eyes after the first hour of wear. Also? If you are a mascara company, take note. Stop making the brushes all bendy and fragile. I hate those. My mascara brush doesn't need to bend at a 90 degree angle when I try to put it back in the tube.

3. A pillow. If Big Daddy ever commented on my blogs, he'd be all, "AMEN, SISTER." on here right now. I have a basement full of pillows that I loved for five full minutes and then hate. I need fluffy and soft. No lumps. And, no. I won't pay $100 for a pillow just to get all those things. Hence, my search continues.

*I just read an article where Eva Longoria described herself as "curvy". This is not the kind of curvy I am. She's curvy in a "kebab skewer" type of way. I'm curvy in a "I have a booty and childbearing hips" kind of way. Totally different. Nice try, Eva.


  1. Jeans are my enemy...I have decided that. I have one pair that I love, and could get another but hate trying them on. New York and Company has great jeans, and so does Gap, but they are a bit more spendy.
    Pillows are always hard to find. We go through a lot of them, and none are ever exactly what I want.

  2. I've never been a big fan of jeans...I always feel "fat" in them and I don't think they're comfortable. I have a black pair I wear, but regular blue jeans aren't for me.

    Amen on the mascara and the pillow.

    I hope you find just what you want.


  3. TRUEJEANS.COM!!! Go there now. You can put in your exact measurements and the way you like your jeans to fit and they will recommend styles and even rate how they will fit you. I got my favorite pair there. Then gained 10 pounds when Isaac came home from deployment.

    Mascara- I love Kiss Me by blinc because it doesn't flake or run at all, but I do need to use an eyelash comb with it so that my lashes don't stick together.

  4. Ooooh, thanks for the recommendation, Christy! I'll check it out.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling to find these things!

  5. The mascara thing..... Yeah, me too. But,this last time I tried The Body Shop's mascara, and I like it. It doesn't run or get flaky, though I do still need to be cautious of the clumping. But, I have a rather heavy hand when it comes to mascara, for some reason.

    Jeans... I like Gap's long and lean - because you don't actually have to be long and lean. Thank God. I doubt I will ever be long and lean again. But, miracles still do happen! :)

    Pillows... I've got nothin'. Sorry. I hope you do find one that you adore. I can understand wanting a soft place to lay your head! (and for longer than 5 minutes!!)


  6. I can't get you everything on your list, but I have found that Maybelline's regular mascara (the one in the pink/green tube) is the best. It's not clumpy and the brush is simple.

  7. Eva Longoria has no idea what curvy means....LOL.