My sweet girl,

Today you are five years old. It's difficult for me to admit that today is finally here because I've been struggling with it for weeks now. Not you, though. For longer than I've been struggling with it, you have been proclaiming to the world that you are almost five.

You feel like five is a magic number. You told us tonight at dinner that you will probably wake up on your birthday and your arms and legs will be longer and you will be much taller. You said that you would probably be confused by this at first but then you'd remind yourself, "I'm FIVE!" and then you would understand.

I am so blessed to be your M-O-M. (That's what you have been calling me now that you are learning to spell things. M-O-M. But you are caught off guard when I answer W-H-A-T because you don't know how to spell that yet.) Every day I learn something from you. You believe that everyone is good and deserves kindness. I often wish the world were filled with people like you.

Since the day you came into our lives, Big Daddy and I have been mesmerized by everything you do. You made us parents, after all. We've watched your every move so closely, afraid we may miss something.
This past week has been huge for you. You lost your first tooth! It was quite the event. The tooth fairy brought you a dollar and you wanted to spend it but your brother didn't have a dollar and you didn't want him to be left out. So, you went to your piggy bank and got out a dollar bill and gave it to him so he could buy something with you. While we were at Target, you wanted to buy something that had enough to share with your brother and our neighbor's son. When you realized that it didn't have enough for everyone, you put it back on the shelf and chose something else instead. That's the kind of girl you are. You always think of others. You are always writing letters and drawing pictures for your friends and you delight in watching their faces when they open them. Recently, you told me you were sad that people didn't draw anything to send back to you. It broke my heart but I realized that you are probably in for a lifetime full of this...serving others but not always being served in return.
You also got your first big hair cut this week. You have been begging for it for the longest time. Again, I was really having a hard time with it so we put it off. I realized this week that we needed to just have it done. Your beautiful blonde curls were all the way down your back and now they are adorable and shoulder length. Between this and the missing tooth, I feel like you really did wake up a big girl all of a sudden.

Sister, you really are my favorite girl in the whole world. You are such a beautiful person. I love every single thing about you. Your heart is so tender and sweet and you care for people in a way that I've never seen in such a young girl. It's going to be so much fun seeing the new adventures that five brings. I love you and I love being your Mom.