That loose tooth I told you that Sister was wiggling? It's out. We played around with that tooth all weekend while my Sister and her family were in town. We'd wiggle and she'd giggle. Then, we'd wiggle too much and she'd cry and vow never to let us touch it again.

Monday morning, she was laying on the couch with her head in my lap and we were chatting. I jokingly said, "Can I pull your tooth?"

"Yeah, sure. But, don't hurt me!"

So, I tied a little loop into some floss and slipped it over the tooth and told her to give it a tug. She did and the floss slipped off the tooth easily. After this happened a few more times, we were both laughing uncontrollably. I'm not sure what was so funny, the fact that the floss just wouldn't stay on the tooth or that we just kept trying the same dumb trick to get that thing out even though we knew it wasn't working. Whatever the case, we were having fun trying.

The last time I looped the floss over the tooth and just gave it a little tug, I expected it to slip off and we'd giggle more. Instead, this time, the tooth popped out and landed in her hair on the couch. I gasped and said, "It's out!" She had preemptively started to giggle about another failed attempt so when I said that, she sat up and looked at me with wide eyes.


"It's out, honey! I got it out!"

The tears came. "You hurt me!"

Then, after her hand instinctively went to her mouth and came back with blood, she shrieked.


She was so mad at me. Until she remembered that she would probably get some loot for this tooth when she went to bed. Then, we were back to happy giggles.

She's been staring at herself in the mirror ever since. Yesterday, I heard her in my room laughing. I went in and she was looking in my mirror.

"I just can't stop giggling when I look at myself. It's so cute!"

Indeed it is, sweet girl. Indeed you are.