Coming Out Of The Bloggy Closet

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to know. I had only told two friends about the fact that I wanted to do it and needed their creative ears to listen to all of my lame super rad ideas for a blog name.

(Just so you know, I would have had a blog a whole YEAR sooner if I could have come up with a name I loved. I couldn't so I just kept bouncing names around in my head. I believe I've mentioned before my motto?)**

Until recently those two friends are the only people that I'm not married to but know in real life who know about my blog. I don't know what it is about telling people that seems so....arrogant? How do you really drop that kind of information nonchalantly into conversation, anyway?

A while back I casually mentioned to a couple of my coffee girls that I have this thing that I do. This thing called a blog. Immediately, two of them said they wanted to read it. I just laughed, tossed my hair and distracted them with a shiny object. Or, maybe I spilled my water accidentally so they'd forget they asked. Whatever the case, I didn't pass out any blog addresses that night.

But these girls are as persistent as they are lovely. That's why I love them. Since they asked that first night, I was secretly hoping I could come up with a way to pass them a link without seeming like I was throwing myself a party and hoping they'd bring a gift. Wouldn't you know, they held me down this weekend and dangled a dark chocolate bar over my nose but wouldn't hand it over until I gave them the name of my blog?

That's not exactly how it went down but let's just say I now have two more readers. I've told you of my love for them already....several times. Now, girls. I got outed and I'm outing you. Say hi to all of my blog friends!

**If I can't win, I don't play!