Date Night

I had a hot date with a very handsome man last night. Of course, it was my husband. What kind of woman do you think I am?

We have a babysitter here that we love almost as much as our kids do. The only problem is that she's moving soon. She decided to fall in love with a military guy and marry him and now he's whisking her away to Florida. It happens to the best of us. Heh. We are trying to get in as many dates as we can until she leaves since once she's gone, our date nights won't be as frequent. (Because, honestly? The whole finding a babysitter you love process is more tiring and exhausting than actually being a Mom.)

Back to my hot date. We went out for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant and then walked down the way for gelato....chocolate hazelnut, if you're wondering. It was my first gelato ever and I'll probably become a regular there. It was that good.

It was so great just to be together and walk while holding each other's hands rather than gripping tightly to tiny hands that try to wriggle away as you cross the street. Although, that's fun, too. We talked about our plans for the future and our current stresses. We laughed at funny things the kids say recently and tried to compare notes on why we think Brother is having sleeping issues. We weren't interrupted even once by questions about what a word we'd just said meant or questions about how to spell it. It was just....nice.

After the fabulous gelato, we headed to the movie theater. We have both wanted to see Hancock and this was our chance. Despite all of the bad reviews I've read, we both actually liked it. Judging by the audience in the theater with us, most of them loved it, too. Especially the guy beside of me. Seriously, dude. He was all about it. Talking back to the characters and laughing so hard he doubled over several times. I loved that part best. There were some unanswered questions in the end but all in all, I liked it.

You know something? I love dating my husband. We are finally at a point in our parenting and our marriage that we don't feel guilty or anxious about leaving our kids with a sitter to spend quality time together. We both realize that this is what keeps our marriage happy and alive. I won't tell you that the first few times we did this, we had no plan of what we'd do and we wandered around aimlessly checking the clock to see if it was too early to go home without being considered losers by our newlywed babysitter. I would never share that. I'd also never tell you that our idea of a great time is to just go to the bookstore and look through books and magazines. Because if I told you that, you would think we were some nerdy couple and we most certainly are not. We are young, hip and lots o'fun.