Doctor, Doctor

Real time blogging of a different kind. My kids are playing Doctor. Not that kind, you perv. Sister is pretending to be having a baby and brother is her Doc. Since so many of our friends have had babies lately, it's on their minds all the time. And, with all of the questions they asked last week when their PaPa was in the hospital, they've practically earned their MD.

Sister (as Brother is taking her blood pressure): My grandmother used to always tell me that before you have babies, you have to learn to be a doctor first.

Brother: Yeah, I've heard that. Is this squeezing too hard?

Sister: Yes, now get it off of me. NOW. Anyway, I'm so excited to be having this baby.

Brother: I'm going to need to take your blood and give you a shot. Don't cry, it will only hurt for a minute. You'll feel a little pinch.

Sister: Don't hurt me. Seriously. Don't pinch me.

Brother (never breaking out of character): There we go. Everything looks fine. You can go home now.

Sister: No, I have to stay here for a few days. Remember when Ms. M had baby Lily? She stayed in the hospital for a few days because she was sore. Now, I'm sore. You have to make me feel better because that's what Doctors do.

Brother: Um. Ok. But, I think I'll have to give you another shot for that. And, take some more blood. Hold still.

Seriously, ya'll. These two are cracking me up. I don't know what's up with them today but they are up to something. They are being so sweet to each other and even *GASP* hugging and kissing without being forced. I know this is a part of some plot because 1) they have been so mean to each other for the last week and 2) they keep asking me if I'm noticing how sweet they are being to each other and if I like it.

If you don't hear from me, I've succumbed to their evil plot and been locked in the closet. Come quickly and bring coffee. Thanks.