Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This week has been Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church. I'm not sure if it's like this everywhere but growing up in the South, VBS was a rite of passage. We looked forward to it every summer and talked about it non stop for weeks. This is the first year that both of my kids have been old enough to attend and they are loving it.

Every night, they come home with fun stories about the games, snacks and crafts that they've completed. We listen as they chatter excitedly about the different characters (it's a bug safari theme) that have been introduced. Perhaps most exciting for me to hear is them re-telling their Bible stories to us each night. There's just something about hearing your babies re-tell stories from the Bible that warms the heart.

Wenoticed today that Brother was holding his chest as he played. I asked him if his chest hurt and he said that it didn't.

At swimming lessons, in the middle of the pool waiting his turn, he had a concerned look on his face and was doing the double handed cover up. You know the one, a hand on each...ahem...side of his chest. He looked like he was covering himself because it was a little too cold in the pool. (Forgive me for being elusive but you should see some of the things that bring Google searchers here. I'm trying not to use any words that bring on the pervs.)

Again in the car, he was at it with the chest holding.

Finally, he brought it up for discussion.


"Yes, bud?"

"Um, at church, they said God lives in my heart. I've been trying to feel but I can't find Him in there anywhere."

Oh, three years old. You are so much fun.

Oh, teachers of three years old. Remember that they take you literally.


  1. omg!! That is so dang cute! I love it!

  2. what a GREAT post. We love VBS too

  3. That is soooo sweet! Too bad they can't stay that way forever! They discover the real world way too soon these days! At the school I work at - they are either very mature or very immature. From one extreme to the next!

  4. Oh.My.Word! What a sweet little thing he is!


  5. I was so excited about sending Eve to VBS this year! Come to find out it's common down here to not allow children to attend until they have completed Kindergarten. HUH!? Our church allowed 4 and up to attend but it was only one day long. Again, huh?!

    I was going to send her but I forgot.

    Next year... it's on!!

    If that wasn't the best, sweetest story about your son then I don't know what was.