Mommy Needs Sleepy*

For a while now, Brother has been waking every night a few times crying out until someone comes in to check on him. It's the same every night. We go in, he's sitting up on the bed with tears streaming down his cheeks but not really awake. He'll usually mumble something incoherent when we ask what's wrong and then lay back down and resume sleep. Occasionally, we'll get something cute or funny like three nights ago when he declared, "I just wanna go fast!" when asked why he was crying. Yes, I sometimes call him Ricky Bobby.

Add Brother's new nightly routine to my new nightly routine (read: insomnia) and you get a Mama who is in desperate need of some sleep.

I'm not sure if my insomnia is due to a new pillow purchase (WHAT? I needed one!) or if I'm just coping (read: not coping) with all of the current stresses of life by not sleeping well. Whatever the case, let me say it again. Mama needs sleep.

I don't know about you but when I don't have enough sleep, every little thing seems like a huge thing.

Who put this toilet paper on the roll backwards? Don't you people know that it takes me FOREVER to get this thing switched around when you could just do it right the first time??

What do you mean you can't get me in until two weeks from now to color my hair? Don't you know I'll just DIE if I don't get it done right now!?

Yes, clearly I'm a delight to be around.

I'll gladly take any suggestions you have about getting some everloving sleep. I'll also pass along any suggestions you may have for Brother when he just can't sleep because he needs to go FAST.

**Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what movie I stole and adapted that line from?