What Did He Say?

Yesterday was the last day of this level of swimming lessons for the Brother and Sister. They are now officially Otters instead of Tadpoles.

The parents all sit in chairs a few feet from the pool's edge to watch the lessons. Close enough to see and hear what goes on with our kids in the water but not close enough to be a distraction. Yesterday, Brother kept doing things to make the teacher laugh. I think he loves her because every day, he tells me that he wants to make her laugh.

He learned to keep his eyes open under water one day this week. He went under the water, came back up and started laughing. She asked what was funny and he responded, "Your tummy looks really funny under the water!"

He decided to go out with a bang yesterday. As we were watching class, I heard Brother saying something but I couldn't make out what he said. Apparently, I was the only one who didn't hear because everyone in the pool and in the chairs started giggling. I asked what he'd said and immediately wished I hadn't.

"I passed gas in the water!" This boy and his potty humor. The worst part is that on the way to swimming lessons yesterday, I actually had a talk with him about not talking about passing gas in front of people. He's such a good listener.