Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I ran into a friend last night who has older kids that go to the elementary school that Sister will be attending. We were catching up about our summer activities and the upcoming school year. I asked if she had any inside information for me as a newbie to this "Mom of an Elementary School Kid" thing.

"Oh yeah. This school has a LOT of parent involvement. Most schools can't get parents to help. This school has more than they need. If you want to be Room Mom, you need to get there early on Open House day and make a mad dash to put your name down for it. Trust me."

I hadn't even considered this. I was Room Mom last year for Sister's preschool class but it hadn't occurred to me that they would need someone to fill that duty for kindergarten.

At first, I was all, "Nah. It's cool. I don't have to do it this year. First come, first served and all that."

Three seconds later I was like, "It's on, people!"

What is wrong with me that suddenly this is a challenge and now I'm setting my clock an hour earlier to get there FIRST to get my name on that list?

You've heard my motto so you shouldn't be surprised.

I kid, I kid.

No, I don't. I'll be up with the sun tomorrow. If Big Daddy and the kids aren't ready in time, I'll gently remind them that we have two cars and I'll save them a seat.


  1. I was the same way last year for kindergarten, and this year I already told the teacher that as a working mom, I love the home projects. I cut things out while watching tv or reading blogs. It works nicely. I also do at least two of the parties each year. The kids love having parents there, and it is fun for me too.

  2. Wow, as the PTA president of an elementary school that does not have that kind of parent involvement I am totally jealous. I wish I had people rushing to open house to sign up to help out.

    I agree with the commenter above though about the home projects. When my oldest started school my then youngest was only 2 so I couldn't go into the classroom to help all the time. Teachers definitely appreciate any help they can get with some of their prep work. So cutting and tracing at home were great little projects for me to do and still be helpful in my daughter's class.

  3. Now I'm dying to know did you make it there first?