Goodbye Vacation, Goodbye Friends

Do you hear that? That faint sound of wailing in the distance? Don't worry, it's just me. I'm lamenting the end of our short vacation time and re-entry to the real world.

We came back from the beach on Tuesday and have been going non-stop ever since. My mom and aunt traveled in yesterday to celebrate my birthday with us. We had fun with them and then we headed to meet some friends for a night of bowling and birthday cake! We had fun with that and as we were leaving, I kept feeling like I wasn't ready to leave. I'm not a great bowler so it wasn't that I wanted to go another round. It was something stronger that was tugging at my heart.

One of the families that we love so much are moving to Texas. We thought this would be our last gathering with them (I think we will try to squeeze in another.) This is another of my sweet Coffee Girls moving away and I'm just not ready. I'm protesting this move. I'm throwing a simultaneous pity party and tantrum show down...wanna come? I just said goodbye to one who is almost on her way to Japan. I just don't want to do this. It's so hard saying goodbye to people that I love so dearly.

Dang it 30's, what have you done to me? I used to be so good at this. We'd say goodbye to friends when one or the other of us was moving and I'd never cry. I'm just not a sappy kind of girl. I'd keep a stiff upper lip and promise to stay in touch and remain BFF's forever all the while looking forward to our next adventure. This time is so, so different. This time I mean it. I do want to stay in touch and be BFF's forever. I don't want their kids to grow up without me there to see what amazing people they will become.

My kids are even sad about this. Two weeks ago when we were over saying goodbye to Kim, who is moving to Japan, Brother walked in to chat with one of the movers loading her furniture. He sweetly asked if he could just move her stuff to the house next to ours. That way, we could be close to her forever.

On the way from visiting with them again today, Sister saw my tears and said, "Mom, when Miss Kim left you were crying and today you are crying again. You are really going to miss your friends, right?" I couldn't even answer her. The truth is that I will miss them more than I even realize.

I love these girls. Love them. I love their kids. I even got to witness the birth of one of them. I love that my kids love them and feel loved by them. I love that all of our husbands love each other. That's a lot of love, ya'll.

Today, I just love. I love and I ache. I really believe that we will be friends with these families forever. But it still hurts to say goodbye, knowing that they are no longer a cup of coffee away.