Sunday, August 24, 2008


I try to be an organized person. Really, I do. But I have to say that I have been the most unorganized person you've ever seen this summer. If I'm being honest, it's been longer than summer.

When Big Daddy got back home in January, I was so thankful not to be the only one in charge that I closed my calendar and declared myself "on a break." I thought I'd take a week or two off of being on top of things and then pull it back together and all would be well. After all, if you have been through a deployment, you know that the only way to survive is to be organized within an inch of your life and I was just tired of that. I needed a break.

Two weeks came and went and my calendar started to collect dust. I totally forgot a dental appointment until the day before it was scheduled when they called to confirm. Mail started to pile up. My motto went from "I'll just take a little break" to "Eh. Who needs a schedule?"

Me, that's who. January was almost eight months ago now and I'm still on that two week break. Last week, I finally got my calendar out and updated it with all of the appointments that we have to get ready for kindergarten (!!) and preschool. I added in a list of school supplies that were needed and for good measure, a detailed grocery list. Yeah, I hadn't used one of those in a while, either.

This weekend, I bought file folders and dug out our filing cabinet. I blew the dust off of my label maker. (You don't have one? How do you survive?)

I have a plan to have my old (as in former, not aged) very well planned self back before tomorrow is done. I need organization. I thrive on it. Sure, I like to have the freedom to be spontaneous but I also hold to the mantra that everything has it's own time and place.

I think it's the end of summer that has me so excited to get myself back in gear. The beginning of the school year just seems like the right time to start fresh. For so many months while Big Daddy was gone, things just worked well. Then, he came home and I rebelled against everything that even reminded me of his deployment...even living in a dust free house with a perfectly labeled calendar and file folder by my side.


  1. I used to be more organized too. And then I started blogging. LOL

    I've got to set a timer so I'll get off the computer and get some things done once in awhile. LOL


  2. I can't get over how well your beloved personality comes through in your writing! I love it and I love you.
    It was so great to see comments by you on our blog.
    Missing you terribly - pencil in a horribly expense field trip to Japan on that organized calendar of yours :) (I wish)

  3. School has a way of forcing one to be very organized! (I am finding his out!) It's a very good thing. I thrive on being organized and on a schedule but I did the same thing over the summer- no schedule. It wasn't good and I HATED it.

    Now... pretty much every minute is scheduled. It's been interesting having a baby on a nap schedule, a busy toddler, and one in kindergarten. My day is full, full, full.

    I don't have a label maker...!


  4. I've tried using a calendar and stuff... but then I just forget to look at the calendar...

  5. I go through spurts, some days so organized and others just letting things slide by.

    I have the time myself on things otherwise I get lost in them, computer, reading or working on scrapbooks. This helped me a ton.