My sister reminded me today that I was once the Queen of Pranks. When she said it, my first thought was, "Nuh-uh. Not me. I think your memory fails." With two words, she took me back to the days when I was indeed THE Queen of Pranks. Dead Fish.

When Big Daddy and I were dating, my roommate and I would often sneak around town at night to our friends houses and do things to remind them why they loved us so much. A couple of them were kind crazy enough to get us back and then it was WAR.

One set of our friends, a set of male roommates, were our favorite targets. One night, we went to the supermarket and bought a whole dead fish from the seafood counter. We ran twine through it's mouth and hung it on our friend's radio antenna on his car. He didn't even notice until later in the day when he and some friends were heading out to lunch. He thought it was genius but didn't suspect us.

This was often the case. We would sneak around in the dark hours and no one ever suspected that it was us. This was because we hung out with a group of people that largely consisted of twenty something males who loved this kind of thing so they often suspected each other. Not the sweet little Christian girls who were so loving, kind and helpful. No sirree. We were able to continue our fun in secret for weeks before anyone was ever wise to us. We were caught once by a friend but bought his silence by promising never to do anything to him. Boys, you are so easy.

This even carried on to the eve of my wedding. Big Daddy and all of his buddies were at his apartment having "boys time" before the Big Day. Roomie and I went over, decorated their cars and then skillfully hid our own vehicles because we knew what was to come. They found them and let me tell you that I spent the morning of my wedding at the car wash trying to get the smell and stickiness of whipped cream to just go away. I didn't mind. I guess you could say that back then, pranks were my love language.

Here's a list of pranks that we may have pulled. Of course, if you tell, I will swear that I've never done such things and I'd be appalled at the person who did. Nah, I'd own up to it and have a good laugh at old times.

* Oreos. They aren't just for dunking. Unscrew them, making sure there's some cream on both sides and stick them to the windows of the car. No damage done.

*Forks. Take plastic forks and decorate the lawn with them by sticking the prongs into the grass. Some may make designs with them but I prefer (allegedly) to just place them haphazardly.

*My favorite (allegedly). Get large black trash bags and some tape (preferably duct, of course). Use these items to seal the front door from the outside. It's a nice surprise for the folks when they are running late to work the next morning.

Now, I know I'm bound to get hate mail over this from you non-prankster types. I never harmed anyone's property and I never pranked anyone whom I didn't know beyond the shadow of a doubt would LOVE it. That's why it was mostly the boys because most of the girls I knew wouldn't have thought it was funny. Except my roommate and she rocked.